Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good reporting

A great report by Postmedia of that chronicling style that lets the facts speak for themselves: "Three days from Alberta vote, cracks in Wildrose were showing." It really stands out when you see it, there's not that much of it these days. It's not surprising that it emanates out of an election campaign when reporters have fuller access.

There are notes about the long rides in between stops during those last few days for the Wildrose bus: "While the Redford team blitzes through Calgary on whistle-stops, the Wildrose schedule appears to have less urgency." That anecdote is ironic given another one the reporter relates about Smith saying she'd learned a lesson from Ralph Klein's winning leadership campaign, where he came from behind, of not "measuring the drapes" when you're ahead.

There's the bubble atmosphere of the bus: "The bus acts as a cocoon, connected to the outside world by media reports and blogs, fickle Twitter, and by phone calls to friends and volunteers."

There's the visit with a Wildrose candidate: "He looks like the shiest man in the room. "I'm a businessman, not a politician," he says. "I'm not what you would call a flashy, upfront, type of guy."

There are the repeated appearances of Ron Leech with the campaign on that last weekend, not to mention Smith's calling attention to the issue at that press conference she held on the Friday.

It's a hindsight read but still a really interesting inside window on what might have been some of the issues on that campaign. It's not always the opinion journalism that tells the story...