Friday, April 27, 2012

Harper hitting new lows

The talk of the day, the Nanos poll on leadership numbers. Nice to see Canadians seem to be factoring in the major scandals of the past month or so on F35s and Robocon and Harper's leadership numbers, that have been his strength, are taking a hit. I say "seem to be" there because polls these days are so iffy.

Mulcair's numbers are rising, no doubt due to a bounce from their convention and the major ad buy. An ad buy that has to date gone unchallenged by the Conservatives.

None of the leadership numbers are that high in this poll, really. Further, this part of the reporting was notable, as far as these things go:
Canadians don't seem all that pleased with any of the leaders, however: asked who was most trustworthy, 15.8 per cent said "none of them" and 20.6 per cent were undecided. Those answers added together are more popular than any of the leaders. Asked which leader is the most competent, 15.8 per cent said no one and 24.4 per cent said they were undecided. As for who has the best vision for Canada, 15.2 per cent said none of them and 27.1 were undecided.
Looks like there is still a great untapped market out there for someone who can think & lead differently.

Also in new lows, this itler-Hay nonsense is apparently more than a one-day wonder. Seriously, Conservatives?