Friday, April 20, 2012

Late night: Scenes from a literature drop

Thought I'd just do a quick post here and upload some pictures taken during a literature drop in Parkdale-High Park by a few of we federal Liberals on a balmy Thursday evening in connection with an event we have coming up on the afternoon of April 28th, a "Spring Forward" political renewal fair.

Some musically topical graffiti: 

Thanks to the folks above who were very kind to put up a few of our flyers! (Top right, sorry not the greatest shot with the Blackberry) Mmmm, food looked good too!

And who doesn't love a UFO or skeleton themed mailbox ornament? I know I do.

Response was good from the folks at the doors who happened to be in the midst of arriving home or on their way out. It's always a heartening thing to see people on the doorsteps and get a reality check outside of the online world. It's different, to say the least. Now if only we can cover enough ground to get lots of people out...

Beyond this event, we have a fundraiser coming up in May and no doubt other events through the summer to be announced.

Have a good one!