Friday, April 27, 2012

Late night

This is not the sexy issue of the day but it's a biggie. The F-35 scandal saw new key information disclosed on what the Prime Minister and cabinet knew about the price of the deal and when they knew it. You'd never know that of course from the Prime Ministerial demeanour in the House of Commons today. He seems to be on auto-pilot at this point.

A $25 billion budget for the F-35s was approved by the Harper cabinet in 2008. $25 billion approved by the cabinet. Yet the Canadian public was sold a purchase price of $15 billion after the purchase choice was announced in July 2010.

And our Prime Minister stands in the House of Commons, with all his nodders in the background, and mumbles about implementing the Auditor General's conclusions. Why anyone would believe that is beyond me.

“When Parliament is misled . . . where are we supposed to go except to this place and say, a government that persistently gives us inaccurate information is a government that has been in contempt of Parliament?”

The Tories, meanwhile, are keen to turn the page on the damaging audit, repeating that they have frozen the fighter jet budget at $9 billion and struck a panel of bureaucrats to manage the purchase properly.

Of course they're keen to turn the page.