Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Oda apology and other notes


The cheeky folks at the Globe who do the celebrity photos have some fun with the Bev Oda Savoy swank affair. Slide 3 is devoted to Bev as well. And others, scroll through for all the fun.

Also in Oda related reporting, CBC has this retrospective of sorts of great moments in expense over-indulgence. It must please Harper to no end to see that his minister, Bev Oda, is inspiring such "jet-set celebrity" photo spoofs and reviews of public expense cock-ups. The first one there, the expense of "cleaning the moat" is my personal fave. 

Speaking of the big cahuna, apparently he is letting the word trickle out from on high:
CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not spoken directly to Oda since the uproar over her expenses began.

There is also speculation that a cabinet shuffle will be coming before the House of Commons breaks for summer.
Not the cone of silence! This is supposed to impress us. Shouldn't a leader be speaking to one of his ministers in such a situation? 

As for the cabinet shuffle, let's just call it for what it is. It's the weak mark of a leader who cannot implement effective accountability. Oda should have been gone long ago given her "not" transgression and the limo rides that have been racked up in the past. No wonder they don't change their behaviour, there's no accountability. See also Christian Paradis, ethics investigation poster boy.

And about that "unreserved" apology, it's not unreserved in repaying the expenses: "Bad move, Bev. If you weren’t going to reimburse us for those limo rides, you shouldn’t have bothered to reimburse us at all. We taxpayers have feelings, too."