Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Renewal: New #LPC Supporter By-Law

Matt Certosimo, the new national Membership Secretary has posted on a request for input on a new by-law on how the party will go about welcoming Supporters into the party, the new category of party participant that was created at the January national convention. Here is his request:
3. There are three areas in which decision-making will occur, and your input in each is critical to the success of this project.
The first being the process by which people sign up and become supporters. This process will be governed by a new “Supporter Bylaw” – I would like to invite your feedback on the draft “Supporter Bylaw”, in the comments below; (For more background, please read our Supporter FAQ here.)
The second is how the Liberal Party will connect and engage with new supporters once they sign up. How do we build that relationship? And how do we engage these supporters to become passionate advocates, members and donors?
The third element is the actual launch of the formal supporter registry and the campaign to recruit thousands, particularly over the summer. We all have a role to play in this campaign to renew our party.
His post went up on April 2nd and the comments there don't seem to speak to the draft of the by-law. I thought I'd draw attention to it here in case it has been missed or people don't visit there often. This is a good effort in open governance on an important initiative and hopefully people will take a look at the by-law and submit their comments as members or through their riding association (as Parkdale-High Park is in the process of doing).