Monday, April 02, 2012

The #TellVicEverything sequel: #TellDaveEverything

I was half joking in my post yesterday about the need for a #TellDaveEverything hashtag in the U.K. on the occasion of the U.K. Tories introducing their own intrusive internet surveillance legislation. Turns out, the fine citizens of the U.K. have got one up and going. Good for them! Hope Dave Cameron and the gang get a taste of the power of the internets.

It would be nice to think, and it's probably with a strong foundation, that we Canadians led the way on this trend. 

Check out the #TellDaveEverything hashtag for some fine British humour!

And may this serve as an additional reminder to Mr. Vic Toews and the Harper government of the #TellVicEverything moment and the ongoing strong opposition to C-30 that remains.