Friday, May 18, 2012

Judge overturns Etobicoke-Centre election result

"I declare the election null and void as contemplated under s.531(2) of the Canada Elections Act." (para. 154)

The overturned result is making the rounds all over, reported here at CBC & Canadian Press. Described as "rare" and "groundbreaking." In other words, it suits the times considering the new, highly organized electoral challenges we have never seen before.

I agree with Calgary Grit, that it's likely to be appealed. It would be very surprising for these Conservatives not to appeal. That's been their track record for years now, pursuing legal issues to the last appeal route possible. They certainly have the funds to do so. Besides, the time frame for the appeal is a shorter one: From the Libs:
“I was pleased with the Ontario Superior Court’s decision to declare the 2011 election results in Etobicoke Centre null and void. Liberal Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyj lost his seat by 26 votes and had outlined numerous irregularities that were, in the end, found by Justice Lederer to have undermined the results.

It has become clear to many Canadians that our democracy was tested and perhaps undermined during the last election. Reports and allegations of election fraud are widespread and there are many cases still under investigation. This has cast serious doubts on the integrity of our electoral system, but we are confident that a by-election in Etobicoke Centre would help greatly in reaffirming the strength of our electoral system and Canada’s democracy.”
Kudos to Borys for standing up for electoral integrity.