Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is a refreshing political tone:
In a dignified ceremony in a red and gold hall in the Élysée Palace, François Hollande, 57, was invested Tuesday morning as president of France, the first Socialist to hold the office since François Mitterrand left office in 1995.

“We are a single France, undivided,” Mr. Hollande said after his investiture, promising a presidency of “dignity, simplicity and soberness.” He vowed that “the state will be impartial because it belongs to all of its citizens” and insisted that a united France could meet its difficult social and economic challenges, but warned that the country “cannot have sacrifices on one side and privilege on the other.”

He said he wanted “to open a new path for Europe,” based on economic growth as well as fiscal discipline.
Video of Hollande's speech is worth a look too. Speaks throughout about justice, the planet rates a mention (environment) and there is that commitment about the impartiality of the state.

Meanwhile, just to point to yesterday's goings on in Conservative Canada, we must endure the ongoing uber-partisanship of the Harper government ministers such as Baird and his cartoonish silliness about a carbon tax. And we must endure an arrogant Finance Minister who has little time for details apparently. Might be $10 billion in cuts from OAS, might be $12 billion. He hears different things. Maybe they'll get around to clearing that up at some point, if we're important enough to them.

Quite a contrast.