Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Not sponge worthy

"‘Sad and pathetic’ anti-Mulcair salvo lacks punch of past Tory attacks." That's the spin from NDP spokesman Karl Belanger on the new Conservative website that was just launched as a putative attack on Mulcair and his NDP cabinet.

To use my favourite phrase of the past few days, this looks like a tick the box effort from the Conservatives. A website that doesn't even warrant a cheapie YouTube ad that might make it fly a little further? Come on, they aren't really trying. They didn't even use up all the shadow figures on the page. They've got room for 6 more, it's weird. And notably, there's just no head on engagement with Mulcair here. The "attack" is diffused.

It doesn't look like this will penetrate beyond the Ottawa bubble. So in that sense, it is sad and pathetic but not in the way that Belanger means it.

While it's early in the life of this majority government term, it's looking like the Conservatives are happy with an NDP opposition. A new soft chew toy that they are happily batting around.