Monday, June 11, 2012

C-38 Speaker's ruling reaction

Key point on Scheer's ruling and the ongoing discussion over C-38, the government's monstrous omnibus bill that jams unrelated and consequential bills into the budget process: "It's something that clearly means we're going to have to change the way Parliament does business," Rae said. "If we can't succeed in doing that under this government, we'll have to succeed in doing it under a government in the future."

This is not an inside the Queensway argument after all that should be diminished as something people don't care about. Good government is one of our constitutional hallmarks (section 91) that is frustratingly being trampled by Harper et al. Good government is about our values, who we are as a nation from the get-go. Good government leads to good decisions, based on merit, not focus group tested political self-interest.

It is good that it is being highlighted now and will be on an ongoing basis over the next few years. The contempt argument this afternoon builds on the prior contempt argument from spring 2011 as well. Who knows, any one of these days, the pressure raised from contemptuous proceedings could rot some brave Conservative souls to the core and they may decide to do something about it.

Also look forward to hearing a lot more about that from Liberal leadership candidates who care to make the case in the upcoming race.