Thursday, June 07, 2012

Del Mastro under investigation

Terry Milewski has a good overview of the deets on yesterday's big news of allegations of Dean Del Mastro having overspent in the 2008 federal election. The report came from Postmedia who have been all over the robocall scandal like gangbusters and they have now uncovered these Del Mastro allegations as well in the course of their reviews of court documents.

That cheque above, courtesy of the Postmedia report, is payable to Hollinshed Research Group by Del Mastro. Funnily enough, Hollinshed received an Economic Action Plan grant of $125,000 to develop an application: "This project involves the development of the firm's flagship application GeoVote used in support of election campaigns and data management used in preparation for upcoming elections." That latter point, on the federal funding received by Hollinshed, was reported by CBC.

What kind of stimulus was that, by the way? Who granted it? How many people were put to work? Is this Hollinshed a multi-partisan firm or do they just work for Conservatives? Hollinshed received this grant by virtue of 2009 and 2010 budgets which would be post-having worked for Del Mastro in 2008. Del Mastro claims no knowledge: "He said he wasn't aware of the federal money for Holinshed."