Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with headlines, etc.

Updated below.

"Liberal leadership: Justin Trudeau could lead Liberals to first place, new poll shows."

Um, what? I read this report twice. But nowhere do I see in that Star report anything to support the sensational headline. He's first in one online poll on possible Liberal candidate names, yes. Vaunting the party in the polls to first place, however, is not substantiated. Does not compute.

Elsewhere, this seems a little bizarre too.

I find that hard to believe but I assume there is method to the calculation. If it is true, it underscores what a great opportunity there is to really make something of all that media attention, if a well run race takes place that drums up interest in ideas and draws new people into the process.

Update (2:45 p.m.): Here is the excerpt from the Angus Reid poll (h/t) that did not appear in the Star report: "A Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau would become the national frontrunner (40%), with substantial leads over the Conservatives (30%) and the NDP (21%)." There are other results there depending on the leadership name being put to respondents. Such questions remind me of those pre-season sports predictions made before the games are played.