Monday, June 25, 2012

Mulcair on the euro crisis

Update (4:30 p.m.): See edit within post.

This is audio from an interview Mulcair did with Michael Enright on CBC radio this weekend where the eurozone financial crisis came up: [EDIT: Removed audio, please visit link to listen to the audio - column on right hand side. Audio loads automatically and readers may find that irritating when it opens every time they visit. Thanks.]

That is a brief excerpt but I think it might indicate that the Conservative p.r. effort on Europe against the NDP may have worked. Mulcair mocks the Conservatives as having made the question of contributing to the IMF funds into a domestic partisan political game, rightly so. But he nevertheless refuses to take a position on it by stating it's not about a "bailout," it's about being at the table. A central question though, of the past few weeks, has centred around Canada not contributing financially. So if Mulcair is not willing to say that Canada should contribute and just that Canada should be at the table, then I'm not quite clear on what his position is.

It's certainly not as clear as that taken by Paul Martin yesterday and partly why I'm posting this radio excerpt for the contrast. Paul Martin can say Canada turning its back financially on the IMF was a mistake, yet Mulcair cannot, or will not. Why not? I think it has something to do with their respective comfort levels in speaking to the issue and I don't think Mulcair feels comfortable in doing so. He would rather deflect to the Royal Bank news, a Security Council anecdote and a meeting he had with EU ambassadors. But, the question remains unanswered.