Monday, June 25, 2012

New Mulcair ad

It's a Mulcair day on the blog, it appears! How on earth did that happen...

I find it hard to get too excited about this. Released just after the parliamentary session has ended, what's with that? Come now, Conservative war room, timing is everything. Unless it is part of a wider concerted effort to get serious now about diminishing poll standings, à la Harper in Quebec yesterday and news of his meeting with the forbidden one and all.

Adding to the lack of excitement, it's an internet ad, after all, reports the Globe. Likely to have little impact then except for media coverage. If the Conservatives were running them all across the newscasts like, say, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is, then that might be a different story. Aren't those ads a kind of response to Mulcair anyway? The one with the Quebecer speaking and all the buses toing and froing? Anyway.

To give it its due, this ad is about the economy, stupid, to use the famed phrasing. Mulcair's NDP will cost you more. Harper strong on economy, Mulcair weak.

It also has a personal element to it. The picture is not flattering, it's Mulcair in angry, preachy mode. Nobody likes to be angrily preached to and likability, despite the ad induced honeymoon his party ran, is still an open question.

Plus, black and orange is Halloween-esque. Scary, boo, and all that.

Carry on!