Saturday, June 16, 2012

New troubling allegations on Del Mastro 2008 campaign

"Employees linked to cousin's company each gave $1,000 to Dean Del Mastro campaign." Bravo to Postmedia for pursuit of this story.
But three donors to Del Mastro's campaign or riding association, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, say they were asked to make $1,000 donations and were reimbursed by Deltro for the full amount plus a $50 bonus. "It was put, 'We need to find some people to make $1,000 donations,'" said one former Deltro employee.
Numerous sections of the Elections Act forbid donors from exceeding the individual limit on donations by concealing their donations and forbid others from helping to conceal the real source of a donation.
In a statutory declaration produced at the request of the Citizen and Postmedia, the former employee said David Del Mastro approached the then-employee and said he wanted him to make a large monetary donation to his cousin's campaign. The former employee signed the declaration before an Ontario Commissioner of Oaths. The former employee was asked to make a donation of $1,000 of personal funds and was assured the company would provide reimbursement for the same amount with a "$50 bonus," the declaration says. The donors could also claim the donation as a deduction on their tax returns. Employees were also asked to enlist friends or family to make similar donations, the former employee said. There is no evidence that Dean Del Mastro had knowledge of any alleged scheme to hide the source of donations to his campaign.
This issue has been in the news lately in connection with Quebec fundraising as well where some of us have raised this very question of whether some donors might be being reimbursed for their contributions. There's a smell test that comes into play when you see multiple donors from the same company giving the maximum to a campaign.

What is new here...sworn statements under oath being brought forth. Not good and I would imagine Elections Canada will be on it.