Friday, June 22, 2012

On a positive note

I tweeted the other day about Michael Harris at being one of the gutsiest columnists going in the Canadian political media scene. That was prompted by this column.

There's another columnist who really brings it at times in asking tough questions about this government and it's Lawrence Martin. Today's was a reminder of that: "Lessons of Watergate: why our media should heed them."
In some instances the media have become jaded. They are so used to sleazy behaviour by politicians that they tend to under-react. Some buy into the Tories’ morally and intellectually infantile rationale that other governments have done these kinds of things, so we can do them too.
Then there’s the argument put forward by the Conservatives that these are just process stories that voters don’t care about. Watergate, you might say, was just process too, a slaying of the process.
Also published at iPolitics, by the way. A few to read on the weekend if you missed them.

A little positivity about some sparks in the bubble of Canadian politics to end the week.