Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rae not running

Not much time to write anything so just a few quick thoughts...

Rae has said all along that he had not made a decision about running, despite the presumptions being made. He has been saying it in scrums repeatedly. As recently as Monday he said it along with a joke about how he wasn't getting fat, it was that his skin had become about 4 feet thick. And yet no one seemed to believe it. The man deserved more credence on that point, within the party, than he was given.

It makes me very sad and yet thrilled at the same time. There's a sense of loss because Bob could have been a great Prime Minister. He possesses the heart, the smarts, the key political instincts that would have been good for the country. So the missed opportunity is at the forefront for me today.

Yet I am thrilled that he will now continue on as interim leader throughout this leadership period. I sense that he will be freed up and that the dynamic in Ottawa for Liberals will be well served by it. We've got a pro as leader who will keep the party running well until a new leader is chosen.

Onwards! May the race be conducted in a spirit of party first, self-interest second, renewal.