Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Supply management & #LPC leadership

I have two reactions to the issue of supply management becoming the first prominent issue to be featured as part of the still very early Liberal leadership race.

First, uh, how did this issue which most Canadians have not likely even heard of get to be a lead-in issue? Does it even deserve to be there? Colour me dubious and in need of convincing.

Second, it is an idea of substance that people apparently wish to discuss and feel is important and therefore, I begrudgingly respect that despite my initial reaction. Who knows, maybe in time and upon further reading and discussion I will come to love the debate over "the complicated system of tariffs and quotas that protect high prices for Canadian dairy, poultry and eggs." I am a big fan of milk and drink 2 cups every day. Am not so concerned about the price of it and would be concerned about changes that might affect the viability of our farmers though. Again, in need of convincing.

It appears that we may be hearing quite a lot about it.

But please, let's also rattle some hearts out there not just minds.