Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canvassing: There's an App for that

Canvassing gets with modernity courtesy of the Obama campaign: "Obama Campaign Releases iPhone App for Canvassing."
The app, which is available on Tuesday, will allow supporters of Mr. Obama’s to download a list of names in their neighborhood from the campaign’s central database.
No longer will they have to stop by the local campaign headquarters to get started. And once they knock on a door, the response — positive, negative, on-the-fence — can be wirelessly slung back to the campaign’s computer system instantly.
Volunteers can add notes and e-mail addresses. When they click a button, the app says the finished information will be sent to “VoteBuilder,” the Obama campaign’s central database of supporters.

In the old days, volunteers would pick up paper lists at a local office, returning them to the office at the end of the day. Other volunteers would enter the information collected into a computer. Now, that process will be largely automated.
"In the old days," aka known as present day Canada. I've heard of some iPad/iPhone canvassing being done in one riding in Toronto but it's not widespread.

What a totally common sense next step and great innovation.