Saturday, July 07, 2012

Idle Saturday speculation

Will the real Minister of International Cooperation please stand up?
Chris Alexander, Parliamentary Secretary for National Defence, on behalf of the Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, is attending the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan, to discuss international development efforts in Afghanistan for the next decade. As part of his trip, Mr. Alexander will make an important announcement about Canada's post-2014 development commitments to the people of Afghanistan, with a focus on the advancement of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.
Please stand up, please stand up.

Sure, Fantino is in the limelight to blather on, if you will, about various government austerity talking points and incomprehensible things:
"I will want to ensure that CIDA's work priorities, if you will, are directly connected to the international policies of the government, which is, as you know, we serve at the will of the people."
But I would watch Alexander who may not have the Ministerial title but practically speaking, may be it. Just speculation and it could just be he's in Afghanistan given his background.

It is, however, a nice contrast there for Alexander as opposed to say, Jason Kenney, full on ambitious Minister and who is having a very bad week.