Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Quebec ridings lose Liberal Prime Minister's names

James Morton notes today that in the proposed new Quebec ridings, the names of two former Liberal Prime Ministers have been dropped: Laurier and Louis Saint-Laurent.

Here is the list of proposed new boundaries and riding names. There is not an easy cross-referencing of the old and new ridings, it appears you just have to scroll through the lists. But if you look at the proposed list and then back at the existing list, you can easily see that Laurier-Sainte Marie and Louis Saint-Laurent are indeed gone as named ridings.

New riding names that are apparently warranted according to the persons in charge of name picking: Gilles Villeneuve and Maurice-Richard.

There are public hearings in the fall on these proposals. Perhaps there might be some historical sense injected into them?

It is worth asking, what exactly are the criteria that are being applied here when it comes to the name choices? And do such choices signify that other choices are being affected by perhaps political considerations?

More at the Gazette.