Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic inspiration

This is not political in content, just a bit of inspiration as the Olympics gets underway. From a piece on Clara Hughes and her preparations for these games, this blog excerpt of hers from April:
On quitting
The race began and I wanted to quit. Less than 50 km into the race I wanted to quit. I could have quit and everyone would have understood. The team was fine without me and the race situation we set was more than ideal. I could pull out and stop the bone-chilling rain from settling into my core and it would be okay.
But it would not be okay with me. There’s something about quitting that just does not sit well. I always think about what I would say to a kid at the finish area if they asked, “Why did you stop?” There are no words to justify this other than broken bones or a catastrophic situation that has myriad forms in bike racing. Cold rain does not qualify. Fatigue does not qualify.
My teeth still hurt from the chattering. But I finished that race.
You go, Clara!

P.S. In the #cdnpoli world, the major thing going seems to be that health deal the Premiers have come up with which looks good at first glance but leaves many questions in its wake...another day.