Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pearson on Fantino

Glen Pearson writes about the Julian Fantino appointment as Minister of International Cooperation, the ministry that oversees Canada's international aid efforts. He highlights the qualities that those involved in the aid portfolio possess:
• A natural compassion
• A willingness to cooperate with others in the field
• A deep understanding of the link between development and the environment
• A refusal to adopt ideological and simplistic arguments or points of view
• A growing comprehension of the primary importance of the role of women as the key change agents in their respect communities in the developing world.
Pearson's insight into the aid community really brings home how unfortunate it is that Fantino has been thrown into this mix by Harper's appointment. Money quote:
It would be like putting Donald Trump in charge of a micro-enterprise initiative among the poor of Haiti -- the consequences will be devastating because the need to be in charge will surely eclipse the need to be smart.
You might think that the bad press Harper has been getting in light of Patrick Brazeau's latest newsmaking might jar the PM and give him cause to recalibrate his appointment thinking. Actually consider who might have the qualities appropriate for a role like International Cooperation. Nope. Full steam ahead with fitting square pegs into round holes.