Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday round-up

Clearing out the dashboard right here and now with this quick list of things that caught the eye this week...

1. Great column by Tom Friedman, "The Rise of Popularism." Nudged on me by a pal and I totally agree with its worthiness as a read. An excerpt:
When you have technologies that promote quick short-term responses and judgments, and when you have a generation that has grown used to short-term gratification -- but you have problems whose solutions require long, hard journeys, like today's global credit crisis or jobs shortage or the need to rebuild Arab countries from the ground up -- you have a real mismatch and leadership challenge. Virtually all leaders today have to ask their people to share burdens, not just benefits, and to both study harder and work smarter just to keep up. That requires extraordinary leadership that has to start with telling people the truth.
2. Matthew Coon Come, Grand Chief, Grand Council of the Crees, responds to Andrew Coyne's recent column on Quebec which contained a rather inflammatory line about the Cree but was otherwise a good reminder about the madness and complexity of negotiating secession.

3. This Guardian article, "British democracy in terminal decline," is being discussed at Canadian Progress today.

4. Loved this Rolling Stone piece on Rachel Maddow. Very nuanced look at what she's trying to do with her show and her struggle to do a good one. Heroic girl!

5. "Dean Del Mastro agrees to meet with Elections Canada over donation allegations." Of course he has finally agreed to do so because he really has no choice. Saying you can't meet with Elections Canada because you've been told you can only do so under a legal caution was a ludicrous public position for an MP to take.

6. Have you seen the over the top War of 1812 ad by our Harper government? It has all the hallmarks of trying to militarize our founding by emphasizing 1812 over 1867 Confederation. Harper on Canada Day: "the military struggle that made Canada possible," "It was during the War of 1812 – the battle for Canada – that the very foundations of this great country of ours were laid."

7. "Ontario judge strikes down mandatory minimum sentence for first-offence gun trafficking." Part of a pattern in the courts of late, worth paying attention to how the Charter and the courts are moderating this government's designs - constitutionally.

8. Noticed this: Uniting Calgary Progressives: An Interactive Workshop with Nathan Cullen. An event this week in anticipation of the Calgary-Centre by-election due to Conservative MP Lee Richardson's retirement. Not sure how much traction there is for Cullen's meeting and whatever that effort will be. Elizabeth May is saying her party is serious about the Calgary by-election and the Liberals have two nominees thus far who are expressing interest in the nomination.

9. Yup: "Flanagan credits central management of voter and donor ID for party's continued fundraising success."

10. There is no 10! Can't have a list of 9. Have a good night.