Thursday, July 26, 2012

The PMO designer boys and their plane

Update (Friday a.m.) below.

This is kind of a fun read in so many ways: "Stephen Harper's Plane: PM's Staff Fussed Over New Design With Few Results." Scroll to the bottom to see the many iterations of design that the boys considered before settling on the final choices.

My fave part, the consideration of the maple leaf from the Conservative campaign bus as a possibility for a Government of Canada plane. Also, the prioritization of how the photo-ops would look for the big cahuna as he disembarks from the plane. Should they sprinkle the door exit with pretty maple leaves in order to create some kind of effect, for example. Yet those didn't make the cut.

It's all so...presidential. Or something like that. And yet another mark of how Canadian politics is being changed, symbolically, under Mr. Harper.

Update (Friday a.m.): Boris' perspective on Air Harper.