Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Video: Del Mastro on his 2008 election spending allegations

Worth a look. Del Mastro, you see, is at a very important government announcement with mucho Economic Action Plan signage and someone dares to ask him a question about the significant allegations that are in the news about financial contributions to his 2008 campaign.

Del Mastro is a public figure, after all, and he should be prepared to answer questions beyond the narrow scope of his prepared photo-op event. Doesn't go with the happy to answer all questions, I look forward to cooperating with Elections Canada, you know, the whole positive, high road thing that one might - quaintly - expect from the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary.

Instead, he bristles at the unfairness, takes a shot at reporters and Elections Canada. "So when my name is thrown around in the media, especially with allegations that have no process, you have to understand — this is a very unfair thing."

So are we to understand that maybe Del Mastro might be regretting some of his more inflammatory rhetoric about others then? Just to take one example there. And might we see a change in that?