Thursday, August 30, 2012

Atlantic Canada 'Conservative country?'

The PM really is obsessed:
But while Mulcair was Harper’s main target, the butt of his speech was clearly the Liberals. Harper congratulated the crowd, many of them party volunteers, on helping to bring down the Liberal dynasty of the 1990s.
“Think back, 10 years ago this summer, the Liberal party looked so strong that people were telling us they would govern forever,” the prime minister said.
“The same people used to smirk and say Canada’s right could never unite. Well, you and people like you across this country got to it. Volunteers, taxpayers, citizens who loved this country and hated what the other parties were doing to it.”
Let it go, man. You won your majority. Let go of the hate. Hated, he says.

He should also be careful about being too confident and oblivious to the history he's relating. His party may be the strong one now, but my how things can change.