Monday, August 06, 2012

Early going in the Quebec election


So what's going on so far in the first week...

Marois is keeping the electorate guessing on future referendum plans. How annoying and predictable.

Marois doesn't know what to say about the entry of Jacques Duchesneau, Quebec's "Eliot Ness," into the campaign as a CAQ candidate. The helpful Bernard Drainville does, however.

Charest also knows what to say about Duchesneau but does a much better job of it than Drainville.

Charest has his own star candidate, Robert Poeti, who may help offset the star effect of Duchesneau and possibly outshine him if the student tuition issue becomes more central than the corruption issue.

Duchesneau brings risks with him, the Gazette reminds us.

Nevertheless, Legault is going big, will make Duchesneau his deputy premier, if the CAQ wins.

Early going, many moving pieces, check.