Friday, August 10, 2012

Something stinks on the Oshawa waterfront: Let's ask Flaherty

Jim Flaherty is Minister Responsible for the GTA. Also happens to be the MP for Oshawa-Whitby. His wife, Christine Elliott is the MPP for Whitby-Oshawa. And there were big goings on in Oshawa yesterday where an ethanol plant was approved of by the federal port authority over significant local objections:
The Oshawa Port Authority, created earlier this year, voted in a private meeting on Thursday to approve FarmTech Energy Corporation’s bid to build a $200-million facility that will turn corn into ethanol, an alcohol added to gasoline to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
A port authority created just this year. Interesting. Note that there are Conservative connections crawling all over this:
Gary Valcour, current chair of the Oshawa Port Authority, stepped down this year as president of the Conservative riding association in Whitby-Oshawa, federal finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s seat.
Chris Kluczewski, another port director, also served on the board of the riding association, as did Tim O’Connor, the brother of FarmTech president Dan O’Connor and a former member of the company’s board. Tim O’Connor was campaign manager in the last provincial election for Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, Flaherty’s wife.
Local Oshawa Liberals were on this back in 2011.

This is a decision being made over much objection, by the Oshawa city council, for starters, that strongly opposes this development. There is a petition with 3,300 signatures on it as well, not peanuts for Oshawa. On what basis does a federal port authority ignore the city's wishes? It smacks of arrogance.

Is Flaherty on his way out prior to 2015 or what? Is Elliott?