Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On great national dreams

Aw, is Harp making the inspiration meter go thud again?
“Those who want to see the future of this country should look north,” the prime minister told a gathering of Conservative supporters.
“Because that great national dream — the development of northern resources — no longer sleeps. It is not down the road. It is happening now,” Harper said in a speech at this small outpost south of Whitehorse. “The North’s time has come, my friends, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
That great national dream of developing northern resources no longer sleeps, yes. Gotta tell ya, when I think great national dreams, that one is not on the list. Building a national railway, check. Building a high speed railway? Maybe. Finding a Canadian researched cure for cancer? Maybe. Growing the country to 100 million in population? Also a possible rallying great national dream.

But extracting northern resources, which would, let's face it, be carried out by resource companies for profit, just doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.

Also, is anybody going to ask Mr. Photo Op with the Many Jackets about the melting Arctic ice while he's up there this week? The predictions of open sea water in the summer Arctic in a few years? That's kind of important. Say, come to think of it, how about we do our darnedest, as a nation, TO STOP THE ARCTIC ICE FROM MELTING. Now that's a national dream a lot of us could get behind.