Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Secret buds fishing trip

Update (6:50 p.m.) below.

Shh, be very quiet, no one wants us to know about this: "Stephen Harper lures Rob Ford to Harrington Lake." No comment all around, from the PMO and from the Mayor's office. What gives? Why is this a state secret?

Could it be that the PM is a little shy about whom he chooses, above all others in this fine nation of ours, to grant precious exclusive Prime Ministerial one-on-one fishing time with? Harper won't invite any of the premiers there or go to their meetings. But Rob Ford gets a mini-summit à la Merkel at the Prime Minister's official summer home at Harrington Lake.

Is it a political calculation, as always, by the PM? Is Harper conscious of Ford's toxicity to Torontonians and makes it a condition of the trip that nada be disclosed about it? But then, Harper is not exactly a fave of we Toronto residents either.

Could it be that the recent report of Ford's light mayoral schedule might be a factor?

Whatever the case, it is a strange, over-managed state of affairs where a PM and the mayor of the country's largest city don't want to be seen together in public and it's all hush hush. They protest too much.

Oh, and they are two of the top elected public officials in Canada meeting together. When they do, the public has a right to know about it.

Update (6:50 p.m.): Ford spoke about the trip during a radio interview today. The PMO still not commenting. What did they talk about, other than standing up in the boat hijinks? 
As they floated around the quiet lake, Ford said, the two politicians talked about the proposed redistribution of federal ridings that would add two new ridings to Toronto, 15 in all across Ontario.
Of course they did.