Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kenney gets a letter

Update (8:40 p.m.) below.

In the Globe today: "An open letter to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney."
Dear Mr. Kenney
We, the undersigned, all members of the Ontario Bar, agree with the statement of Guidy Mamann when he asserted that it was not credible that the decision taken in relation to the Conrad Black Temporary Resident Permit was made without any input from yourself. Given the high degree of control which you exercise over your department, we do not believe that you did not give your consent, either express or tacit, in relation to the request.
The use by an official of your office, of the Law Society of Upper Canada complaint process, in order to try to silence a critic for his opinion was rightly rejected by the Law Society. However, if you believe that our statement violates the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules please feel free to report us to the Law Society.
We find the attempt by you and your officials to muzzle freedom of expression to be reprehensible. We will not succumb.
Yours truly,
Signed by 80 plus immigration lawyers who have some experience working in the Kenney immigration era and who are showing solidarity with their colleague.

When 80 plus immigration lawyers are publishing a letter in the Globe and Mail stating that they don't believe the Immigration Minister, that really should be a problem for the Immigration Minister.

The accompanying Globe report has comments by Kenney's spokesperson which come off like a parody of a reaction. They really are sensitive about this Black matter, aren't they?

Update (8:40 p.m.): Pogge adds more context to Kenney's, ahem, interactions of late with the legal community.