Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Late night

Rough first day for Paul Ryan on the campaign trail in Iowa. This footage shows a bit more of the mayhem than the head on footage of Ryan on the stage. Protesters pursued him on his walk out as well. More on the scene.

I don't get any likability factor with this guy. His speech came off more as a lecture, with little caring coming through when speaking about the jobless, for example. Maybe it was the crowd environment but the monotone virtual yelling thing he was doing did not grab me. He seems like a pol who has the intellectual smarts but does he have the empathy? The instincts? The heft for a VP or possible President?

The outing suggested that the Republicans might be in for an awakening this campaign, underestimating unrest that is directed less toward Obama but toward growing inequality in the U.S. that is perceived to be fostered by corporate America, Wall Street and those aligned with the Republicans. Yeah, it's early with Ryan, but that was the impression from this day.