Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lawyer on the Kenney letter

Lawyer Lorne Waldman speaks to CBC about the open letter that he and 80 plus lawyers wrote to Jason Kenney that was published in the Globe today. It's a very good interview and a key part is Waldman's response on the documentary evidence that Kenney's office has produced in order to prove that there was no political involvement with the Conrad Black visa application. Waldman repeats his view that it is not credible that Kenney wouldn't have had any input on the decision, despite this documentary offering that Kenney's office would have been expecting would be reviewed under ATI or at such political hot potato moments.

As for Harper's remarks today, on a rare occasion where he comments on a contemporaneous controversy:
"Minister Kenney took every step to ensure that this matter was handled independently by public servants," Harper said during a news conference in Gimli, Man. "It is not in the government's interest to intervene in this matter in any way, shape or form."
This is not exactly a hands-off government when it comes to major decisions that affect its public perception. Not at all. It's why, irrespective of what may be true here, it is entirely understandable that there is doubt about the notion that they left Conrad Black's visa request to the lone hands of officials in Jason Kenney's department.