Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nomination battles these days

Joan Crockatt's winning numbers at Saturday's Calgary Centre nomination meeting:
Two sources indicated that three candidates were dropped and their votes redistributed before Crockatt emerged with more than 50 per cent of the vote. She had 445 votes on the fourth and final tally followed by investment manager Greg McLean with 283 votes and former alderman and MLA Jon Lord with 119 votes, according to the sources.
Lawyer Rick Billington, Quebec Tory organizer Joe Soares and businessman Stefan Spargo made up the rest of the field.
More than 900 party members cast ballots out of approximately 1,850 eligible members.
A Conservative nomination battle in the heart of Calgary produces 900 members voting.

Compare to the Toronto Danforth nomination meeting numbers from the Liberals and NDP, respectively, in early 2012:
There were 355 votes cast out of 833 eligible voters, compared with about 500 cast at last month’s NDP nomination held in a cramped east-end church.
You'd expect the Conservatives to have the biggest numbers in what was a hotly contested nomination in a city like Calgary. Crockatt winning with 445 votes, however, is really not that much more than the winning Liberal and NDP nominees garnered in Toronto Danforth.

Interesting to note what it takes these days, in terms of numbers, to win a by-election nomination.