Thursday, September 27, 2012


The video above is the National's report from last night on the incredible Commons vote on Motion 312 that would have put a woman's right to choose on the legislative table in Ottawa. It is stunning that in a country like ours, as progressive as we might like to think we are, that 203-91 was the margin. 87 of 163 Conservatives, just over half, voted in favour of the motion, 4 of 35 Liberals.

Since Harper had pledged repeatedly not to re-open the abortion debate, the motion was not likely to pass the Commons. But quite a signal was sent nevertheless. I don't believe for a second that this wasn't pre-choreographed so the Conservatives would know exactly how many votes, including of the ministerial kind, were put on record for this motion. Just enough to put their party over the top in the 50% range.

It's a very provocative move by the Prime Minister. I think of that young woman at the door during the federal election who was going to vote Conservative even though she viewed herself as a progressive person and didn't think there was anything to be concerned about. Wonder if she's thinking any differently now or will next time she votes.

This is how the conservative side of the spectrum works, they shift the lens through which we look at issues, bit by bit, and they are very good at it. Having a sizable number vote in favour of the motion serves that purpose, by seeding the issue in the here and now for future steps. It may also help along some Canadians in thinking, hmmm, maybe we are a little more conservative just like ol' Harp's been telling us.

Beyond the politics of this thing, from a woman's perspective, just maddening.

Also, this could have legs. Go visit.