Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wednesday afternoon in big Liberal developments

First up, Dominic LeBlanc makes some news while attending the Liberal caucus meetings in Montebello: "Trudeau, LeBlanc front runner prospective candidates in Liberal leadership race."
“I’ve thought long and hard, as a number of other people have I’m sure, about whether I’m the best person at this time to assume the leadership of the party, at a time when it’s never been at a weaker point in its history,” said Mr. LeBlanc, who since 2000 has represented the New Brunswick riding his father held while serving in the government of Mr. Trudeau’s father, the late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
“I have talked to people across the country who’ve encouraged me to run. I think the party desperately wants a new generation of leadership. I think the party has to come to terms with the fact that if somebody wants to seek the leadership they have to be bilingual,” Mr. LeBlanc told the journalists. “I think some of these things are a given, and I think the experience I have, and friends I’ve made in the party, would make my candidacy an interesting one to a number of people.”
But he cautioned: “I need to come to a rather serene understanding if I’m prepared to say that the next 10 or 15 years of my life will be occupied exclusively with the pursuit of the rebuilding of the party and an election victory, and hopefully leading the next generation of majority Liberal government.”
I mean, if brothers Ed and David Miliband can both run for Labour party leader in the UK, is this so far fetched? Not at all. It would be an encouraging development.

Also on the news front, Paul Summerville of Victoria, B.C., former candidate for a national Liberal party executive position, has confirmed publicly that he is gathering signatures for the Liberal nomination in the coming Victoria by-election. Paul has been active in the Victoria association and is authoring compelling economic thinking that is worth noting. Best of luck to him!

Also big news, of course, Jean Charest's departure as Liberal leader in Quebec. That came a little sooner than I thought it would but it is completely understandable. Turning a page, he said, which sounds like he's done with politics.

There is also some party leadership rule speculation going around but until it's official, will leave that be for the moment.