Friday, September 07, 2012

A Kitchener-Waterloo note

If this had been known:
Elizabeth Witmer put an end to speculation about why she stepped down as MPP after 22 years. She said her decision had nothing to do with politics. Her husband of 32 years has cancer.
Might the by-election result have changed? Might voters have looked on it as less of a power play by the Liberals and helped Liberals? Might it have helped the PCs hang on to the seat in a wave of sentimentality? Might this context have taken away some of the protest edge that the NDP benefited from?

Who knows. It may put some of the analysis taking place now in a different light though.

Witmer obviously didn't want to disclose this as she departed and it is indeed a private family matter. Still, you can't help but wonder about it all now that she has decided to make it public.