Monday, September 17, 2012

Carbon tax madness

Here's a CBC report on the back and forth between the NDP and Conservatives today: "Carbon tax allegations fly between NDP and Conservatives." This follows on Tom Mulcair's declaration yesterday that Harper and his MPs are lying about the NDP's position on a carbon tax.

I hope some Liberal leadership candidates are following all this back and forth and thinking about how to put the idea of a carbon tax forward but in a constructive, positive way. Thinking about how to change the climate of discussion on this issue in the coming year. A carbon tax should be embraced and explained in a way that doesn't deny its utility. That doesn't make it a shameful political bomb that no one should touch. There's a good story to be told about its economic benefits. When Shell wants one, you've got an opening, for starters. Canadians are supportive about the idea. There are lots of thoughtful people urging support for it with new arguments unfolding as the climate changes.

Denying, running away from it...anyone who adopts that stance, you're doing the Conservatives work for them.

Update: One more thought to throw into the mix on this, see quote by Conservative MP Barry Devolin at the bottom of this link on the public mood being different given world economic turbulence. Agreed.