Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quote of the day

From a Globe article quoting Joan Crockatt and the prospect of Calgary Centre by-election voters lining up to back one "ABC" candidate just as they did in 2000 when they backed Joe Clark against the Canadian Alliance:
“I think that they conveniently forget that Joe Clark was a conservative,” she said. “He was a conservative prime minister of Canada.”
Not exactly. She forgot a word there. A very key word. That's quite a re-write of conservative political history. 

I wonder what Joe would say in response to Ms. Crockatt? While he's likely too decent to get into this, we can just imagine based on a recent quote from Clark:
"I'm astounded, frankly astounded, by the degree to which Parliament and Cabinet acquiesce in following, without any apparent questioning, the prime minister's lead," he said in a rare display of candor. "Prime ministers have always been strong in our system, but almost all others have respected their parties and their parliaments more than Prime Minister Harper does."
Underscoring how the above quote by Crockatt has the air of the ham-handed Mitt Romney. Further case in point:
“If I’m a backbench MP, I’m just fine doing that,” Ms. Crockatt said. “To me, the job is to support the Prime Minister in whatever way that he thinks.”
Huh, that's a new one. A lot of people will offer just that criticism about backbench MPs and heck, cabinet ministers under this government. But just blatantly putting it out there that the role of an MP is mindless and actually running on it, that's something. Her view on what the job of an MP is begs for a mighty response. It says so much about her and what is wrong with Parliament in this era. It's certainly not about one individual and what he thinks, for starters.

Who knows, with quotes like these, if someone can get their act together and mount a tough campaign, maybe there's some hope for this race just yet.