Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quebec election morning after

What a tremendously shocking incident at the PQ victory rally last night. To see a death at a political rally, other gun injuries and a fire set...that's a truly shaking thing for Canadians.

And what an incredibly close result. Notably, just 0.7% separated the PQ's lead at 31.9% over the Liberals at 31.2%. The CAQ ended up with 27.1%. The PQ end up with 54 seats, the Liberals 50, the CAQ 19 and Quebec Solidaire 2. Pauline Marois has a very weak minority government to work with which will hem in her mandate, including on that separatism question. That is good news indeed.

What to say about Jean Charest? Here's a clip that says a lot:

In the face of such protest, he isn't fazed and makes a point of saying everyone should vote. Enough said. Didn't give up all weekend either, reportedly giving barn burner speeches to the end. No doubt there were those who took note over the weekend as they were mulling over their final decision. A lesson for pols - and everyone, really - not to give up.

The results have earned him and his party time to decide what's best. The closeness could mean an election in the near future and judging by his performance, I'd say there will be some who will urge him to stay. Things will be worse politically? Worse than they were this time? With a PQ record that will be in issue? Interesting times ahead.

(See also: Harper's statement. That statement be tight, y'all!)