Friday, September 28, 2012

Snapshot of the U.S. campaign

Checking in on the U.S. campaign. Here is how it's going, in a nutshell.

A new Obama ad:

A new Romney ad:

Which one do you find more compelling?

Krugman yesterday:
The conventional wisdom — which I too bought into — was that Democrats were going to support Obama, but grudgingly and without much enthusiasm. There had been too many disappointments; the golden aura of 2008 was long gone. Meanwhile, Republicans would show their usual unity and discipline, and at best it would be Obama by a nose.

Instead, the Republicans appear to be in a shambles — while the Democrats seem incredibly united, and increasingly, dare I say it, enthusiastic. (Mark Blumenthal sees this in the polls, but it’s also just the impression you get.)
And on the lighter side, since it is Friday morning after all, check out Al Franken's fundraising letter and make sure to read the P.S.