Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gerry Ritz should be fired - Part XIII

Agreed: "Mulcair demands Ritz resign over E. coli case." Some of us have been calling for the firing of the Ritz since circa 2008, so we're up to part 13 here on the blog. The listeriosis crisis, also occurring under Ritz's watch and the Conservatives' revision of meat inspection rules, should have brought, at the least, the Prime Minister's patented reshuffling out of this portfolio (which he seems to do in lieu of firing). This gap doesn't look good for the government at all, it's unacceptable in food safety:
Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae accused the government of moving too slowly to curb the crisis. Rae said authorities in the U.S. stopped imports from the XL Food plants on Sept. 13 while Canada did not shut down the plant until Sept. 27.
"Americans were protected on Sept. 13 because no product was allowed to be exported to the United States," Rae said.
"All Canadian consumers were not protected until Sept. 27, two weeks later. Why were Americans better protected than Canadians?"
There have been two national food safety crises under this minister. Surely some third party oversight is warranted in the regime at this stage as the Agriculture Minister's leadership has been proven to be insufficient.

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