Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Harper supported Abdallah appointment - video #cdnpoli

Canadian Press is reporting this: "Tory cabinet ministers contradict record on Port of Montreal controversy." There are quotes from Industry Minister Christian Paradis and Maxime Bernier denying that the federal government took a position on promoting Robert Abdallah as its choice to head the Port of Montreal:
When asked why Stephen Harper’s government wanted Robert Abdallah placed at the federal agency, Industry Minister Christian Paradis said: “Nobody pushed anything.”
Maxime Bernier, minister of state for small business, agreed: “Our government didn’t support a candidacy. It’s the Port of Montreal that didn’t appoint that person.”
They're running away from their government's support of Mr. Abdallah due to this reporting from yesterday: "Quebec corruption probe widens to PM's pick for port job."

Harper, however, is on record. He said the government did express a preference, Abdallah. See video at about 1:50 mark. Harper was fully on board with Abdallah being appointed.