Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy news day: Murray, Carney, Ford

Ok, obviously I was interested in this as the big event of the day but you cannot control for what the political gods of the day have in store for you: "Joyce Murray joins Liberal leadership, calls for co-operation with NDP, Greens." That's the leading Canadian Press coverage that should give you everything you need to know. Making the most news is the cooperation proposal more of which can be found here.

In a surprising development that Carney himself had downplayed, Mr. Carney went off to England to run their Bank of England. The new governor of the Bank of Canada may be the senior deputy governor "Tiff" Macklem. Would be the most interesting name for a Bank of Canada Governor ever.

And Mr. Ford may be shoved off. Or something like that. He is handling it with all the dignity and aplomb we Torontonians have come to know so well.

By-election results on deck for tonight.