Monday, November 12, 2012

An answer to the carbon tax rhetoric

Postmedia's Mike De Souza uploaded this Environment Canada presentation on to Scribd and it is getting a fair amount of attention.

Notably, it includes some information on the dollar costs of climate change in Canada over the last decade or so. If you look to slides 25 and 29 for example, the increased costs of fighting fires in B.C. due to drought conditions and the increased costs on the east coast of hurricane damage are set out, respectively. The costs of fighting the pine beetle are on slide 23. And look at this one, the losses suffered by farmers in the west on slide 21, entitled "Increased temperatures can exacerbate drought conditions":
"While no single event can be attributed to climate change, increasing temperatures are expected to cause increased aridity and more frequent drought; Impacts of the extreme drought of 2001-2003 were far-reaching, though hardest hit were agricultural producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan: $1.33 billion in 2002 while Saskatchewan was $925 million in 2001and $1.49 billion in 2002; More than 41,000 jobs were lost, and GDP was reduced by $5.8 billion"
On slide 32: "An overall 10-14% increase in Northern Quebec river flows is projected - In anticipation, Hydro Quebec is making significant capital decisions."

The job killing carbon tax? No, it's the economy killing lack of action, stupid.* 

Key Climate Change Impacts - 2012 02 17

*A play on the famous "It's the economy, stupid" framing of the 1992 U.S. presidential election by James Carville, of course...