Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Only in Britain?

Only in Britain, you say. Pity:
I only ask because a few days ago the government released a transparently self-serving “response” to a request from its own MPs, showing that it costs as much as $150,000 to respond to a question tabled by an opposition politician in Parliament, and therefore that opposition politicians should not be permitted to ask questions of the government.
This is yet more evidence of the fantastic fiscal competence of “Canada’s responsible majority government,” I must say. The British government says that the average written response to a question costs just £164.
Oh the fun stuff you find on the internet blog things. What a bunch of ongoing hooey from our self-proclaimed bunch of supposed fine fiscal managers. Surprising that Mssrs. Cameron and Osborne haven't seen the bit of partisan hay they could be making of such measures, followers that they are. I suppose though that this kind of utter nonsense wouldn't play in the U.K.

Amazing bit of contrast there that deserves to be highlighted.