Monday, January 07, 2013

When Liberals do well

This is a solid op-ed in many ways on the Liberal party, the leadership race, the necessity for big ideas and the moment we find ourselves in as a country. A few lines that stood out:
The Liberals need to get beyond their internal naval-gazing and political beauty contests and focus on the redefinition of a modern, progressive role of government to confront these domestic and international new world orders. This should be the Liberal project that animates its leadership contest.
...Liberals do well when they are truly pan-Canadian in orientation, when they believe in and sell vision, values, and an ethic about the country and our citizenship.
A reinvigorated Liberal brand should have at its core something no other political party is willing to do. Namely, tell Canadians the truth about what ails the country, what its strength are, and what it needs a progressive federal government to do over the next generation to ensure prosperity in the context of these new domestic and international orders, and to maintain if not strengthen the cohesion and hallmarks of citizenship that define Canada.
Telling Canadians the hard truths — such as the necessity to improve productivity to maintain our standard of living, and the moral as well as environmental imperative to reduce our carbon consumption for future generations. Being bold and principled, rejecting the impulse to pander, and refusing to aim for “the centre” should eventually prevail with a public that knows something big is going on both in this country and in the world that they aren’t being told much about by their political leaders.
It should be a contest less about the party and their candidates or bashing the other parties (the traditional stuff of political leaderships) and more about Canada and this country’s future. That would truly surprise and impress Canadians. And it would help convince people that the Liberal party of today is much more than a vehicle for people’s ambitions. This is the first big step on the road back to relevance for the Liberal Party of Canada. (emphasis added)
No to retail politics and yes to big, bold principled pan-Canadian values and ideas. Could not agree more.