Thursday, January 24, 2013

A blog post that fits the icy weather

News from Greenland from the past day: "Ice core drill gives insight into climate future." An international study into the Greenland ice core is helping scientists predict what a future warmed planet would look like.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the government has put our collection of ice cores at risk. These ice cores were "gathered during the past 40 years from High Arctic glaciers and frozen mountaintops, including Canada's highest peak, Mount Logan, as well as Ellesmere, Baffin and Devon islands," preserving "...up to 80,000 years of Canadian climate history, allowing federal scientists to probe the samples with microscopes and other instruments to reconstruct past temperature, precipitation and contamination patterns." The Harper government has cut funding for scientists who study them and as best as I can tell from more recent items, a future home for the ice cores remains uncertain.

Something that may have flown under your radar this year. Chilling stuff.